A Big Thank You to Our Team

Here at James Lynch Transport, we pride ourselves on creating a friendly, family team atmosphere where we all pull together to help one another. This was demonstrated none more so than recently.

One of our drivers was unfortunately taken seriously ill a few weeks ago, and a number of his colleagues came to his help. After a short hospital stay, Rick is now fully recovered and itching to back on the road.

As a result on behalf of the Management Team at James Lynch Transport we would like to say a great big thank you to Greg Steele (Transport Manager), Gavin Jones, (HVG Driver), Ian Cowsill (HGV Driver), and Adam Yates (Fleet Mechanic) who all stepped in to help.

We are incredibly proud of the team for doing exactly that and are thankful for Rick’s speedy recovery..

Tanker Specifications

So, we’re always showcasing our lovely tankers, here on the website and on our socials but how much do you know about them?
We thought we’d share some information, so you can find out more about us and our fabulous fleet.

Lynch Tankers brings DGSA audits in-house

As you can imagine when you’re transporting the amount of chemicals our drivers do, health and safety is our biggest priority.

We have to adhere to the most stringent of rules, regulations and conditions because of the very nature of the business we work in.

To ensure we are at the very top of our game, every year a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) audits our business and writes up a report on how we are managing our health and safety and whether there are any areas we need to improve.

In the past we have outsourced the audit to an external business, but as a growing company who takes the safety of our staff and the public extremely seriously, we have brought this in-house.

You may wonder why we took this decision – to us it was simple.

It means that by having an internal DGSA within our team we can oversee and implement any improvements needed on a daily basis rather than tackling issues that have built up over 12 months – which make us even safer.

We are also very lucky as we actually have two experts within our team who have studied hard to pass the exams needed to become DGSA’s – Darren Bailey, our very own Chief Exec and Mark Owen our Fleet Manager.

Thanks to them we’ve got a real belt and braces approach, can support within the wider team and it means we can respond to any potential issues quickly and effectively.

When you’re dealing with such hazardous products on a daily basis, if something goes wrong, a situation can escalate quickly with potentially disastrous consequences. With Darren and Mark’s experience and qualifications, nobody knows our business like they do, and we feel that the health and safety of our company and staff is in the safest pairs of hands.

In the Driving Seat with Carla Bailey

Welcome to the latest in our new series of interviews called, “In the Driving Seat,’ to help you to get to know our fabulous team better.

This week it’s over to Carla Bailey, our Transport Co-ordinator who joined us last year.

Tell us what your job entails.

My role is essentially to plan our drivers’ routes which means allocating jobs all over the country.

I’ve been with the company for four months now and am currently working from home.

My previous roles have been working within the Transport Industry.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

I love the variety and the pressure. Every day is different. You never know what’s going to have and it might sound odd, but I enjoy the stress of that!

How have you found the various lockdowns?

It’s been fine to be honest. My husband and I have enjoyed the time we’ve had to walk the dogs and have some time together. If I’ve not been too tired after work, I’ve enjoyed cycling too.

What’s the first thing you’ll do after lockdown has lifted?

Just to be able to go back to normality and nip into town or go to the pub again – I’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Have you got any hopes for the future?

I am ambitious and want to move up the ladder. I’d love to be a Transport Supervisor next.

If you won £10,000, what would you spent it on?

Definitely a deposit for a house.

New Addition to the Lynch Fleet

If you’re buying a new family car, you probably do lots of research before you hand over your well-earned cash. Buying new tankers is no different especially when you work within the chemical industry.

It’s a massive investment for us but from a health and safety perspective we have to get it right.

Transporting hazardous substances and chemicals is complex and means you can’t afford to take any risks. This means the tankers we use have to meet our very exacting requirements.

We wanted to expand our fleet and needed to ensure that the tankers we purchased met those specifications.

An ‘off the shelf’ tanker wouldn’t cut it because of the kind of hazardous chemicals we carry which means we needed something completely bespoke.

Our team researched exactly what we needed in terms of functionality, industry compliance and safety specifications.

We then approached a specialist manufacture to help us determine the feasibility and precise design requirements so we could get our customised tankers made.

After several months of planning and discussions, working with the manufacturer, we brought in a highly experienced sub-contractor called Crossland Tankers to help us get our plans on the road, metaphorically and physically!

It was a long iterative design process involving various design revisions, specialist materials, and lots of testing to ensure every requirement we had was met and that we were meeting the BEIS guidelines.

After several months of detailed research, a long design process and both robust and rigorous testing we took ownership of two brand new tankers. They have been completely customised to meet the complex requirements our business has because of the nature of the chemicals we transport.

They’re now being used on a daily basis, our drivers love them and we are absolutely delighted to have them as part of the James Lynch & Sons Team.

Farewell to Andy Bailey

It is with deep regret that wish say a fond farewell to Andy Bailey, our Assistant Transport Manager.

He may not have been here for very long, but he has certainly left a lasting impression and will be greatly missed.

Andy has made the difficult decision to leave us to pursue an exciting venture to develop his own family company which is local to Sandbach so you may see him around at times.

Andy, with his cheery disposition, expert transport knowledge and professional manner will be difficult to replace.

We say goodbye and wish him, his wife, his son and their new addition all the very best for the future.

Andy, we hope that all goes well for your future and don’t be a stranger!

In the Driving Seat with Nick Wade

Welcome to our latest ‘In the Driving Seat,’ feature. A series of interviews we’re carrying out so you can ger to know our fabulous team even better.

This week it’s the turn of one of our tanker driver’s – 43-year-old Nick Wade who lives in Cheshire. He’s worked here for the last 12 years.

Tell us about your job.

I’m a long-distance Tanker driver and love the work. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed with a company. I started here when I’d just turned 31! I travel all over the country delivering chemicals and I’ve been to different parts of Europe working for the company too which was interesting.

What did you do before?

I’ve been a lorry driver since I was 21 and have worked for different companies on general haulage. I did work in heavy haulage too which I enjoyed but it involved a lot of working away from home. At one time I thought about being a plumber, but my Grandad was a lorry driver and we also had a haulage company within the family in the past, so becoming a lorry driver was a logical step for me.

What do you love about your job?

I love driving, getting out and about and seeing different parts of the country, which I would never see if I wasn’t a lorry driver. I have also been fortunate enough to work out of different parts of Europe for the company when they needed me to. I was in Inverness the other day and it was absolutely beautiful. I would never want to be stuck in an office every day. Lorry driving is the perfect job although the long hours can be tiring sometimes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love running and going on long walks. That’s helped keep me sane during lockdown because although I’ve worked all the way through, it has been tough not seeing my family. In Inverness when I’d finished work, I was able to go on a five-mile run and explore the area which was great.

I’ve also got a dog called Max so taking him for long walks is how I like to relax.

What are your plans for the future?

Just getting back to normality and being able to see my family and friends again is all I want really. I also have some charity runs planned later in the year when events get started again.

And finally, what’s your favourite holiday destination?

I don’t have a favourite holiday destination but I love anywhere with great scenery. I’d get bored just sitting on a sun lounger – I like to explore, see new places and talk to people.  Somewhere where I can go walking and see new things and beautiful scenery would be perfect.

In the Driving Seat with Adam Yates

In the Driving Seat with Adam Yates

Welcome to the second in our new series of interviews called,’ In the Driving Seat,’ aimed at giving us the opportunity to speak to a different member of the James Lynch Team so you can get to know them better.

Second up is our Engineer, Adam Yates. Twenty-five year old Adam has worked with us for the last five months, but it’s not the first time he’s been part of the team. He worked with us five years ago and when the opportunity presented itself he decided to come back, which we’re really pleased about.

Tell us what your job

I keep a check on what comes into the garage and sort out any problems etc.  I love getting stuck into the technical side of things. I love working at Lynch’s, I must do, I come back after all.

Tell us something nobody know about you?

That is really difficult. I’m an open book so everyone probably knows everything about me already.

I like to do up vintage tractors and go to steam rallies but everyone at work already knows that!

How have you found the various lockdowns?

Other than social distancing measures, work’s been the same so there’s been no real change there. The hardest thing has been not being able to see my friends.

What’s the first thing you’ll do after lockdown has lifted?

Definitely go to the pub and see my friends – it’ll be good to catch up.

Have you got any hopes for the future?

I’m really happy in my job and they’re a great team. Maybe one day I’d like to move up the ladder but I’m in no rush.

I’m going to rebuild the Land Rover I bought to do up– that’ll keep me busy!

In the Driving Seat

In the Driving Seat

Welcome to our new series of interviews called,’ In the Driving Seat,’ aimed at giving us the opportunity to speak to a different member of the James Lynch Team so you can get to know them better.


And up first is our Transport Manager Greg Steele. Here we put Greg under the spotlight to help find out more about him.

Greg from Rode Heath has been with us for ten years now and oversees everything transport related.


Tell us something nobody know about you?

Despite a twenty-year career I’ve never actually driven a truck but shhhhh don’t tell anyone. And for good measure, I haven’t watched a horror film since I was 16. I watched the Nightmare of Elm Street films with Freddie Kruger back then and it put me off for life!


How have you found the various lockdowns?

Work’s been the same for me and as I’m in a care bubble helping my Mum and Dad, I’ve been able to still see them. I’ve really missed seeing my friends though and going to watch my team Crewe Alex. Luckily, I was able to watch a couple of games over Christmas but obviously won’t be able to go again until restrictions are lifted.


What’s working here like?

I love it. I’ve worked in this industry for 20 years and every day brings something different. I’ve got a really good relationship with the drivers and work closely with them so there’s lots of laughs and banter.  I hope they feel they can always come to me if there are any problems.


Will you do anything differently after lockdown has lifted?

I think it’s taught us that you can’t take anything for granted. On Christmas Day my Dad saw his brother for the first time in nine months, because of Covid. It was amazing, emotional and brilliant to see. It just shows that life isn’t about what you buy people, it’s about who you are with. Lockdown has definitely made me realise that.


What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I love travelling to America and have been all over – New York, Niagara Falls, Vegas. I’ve been to Vegas three times now, the first time was on a stag do with 36 mates – it was fantastic and if I had to choose anywhere that’s where I would go again.


Have you got any hopes for the future?

Getting back to some sort of normality would of course be fantastic, being able to go to the match again would be at the top of the list but from a career perspective I’d love to move up the career ladder here and become a director one day.

Alfie’s Trucking Photos

We’ve had a very special visitor on site recently, all socially distanced of course.

Our team got to hear about an exceptional little boy from Nantwich who absolutely loves lorries and trucks.

Nine-year-old Alfie Simcox has loved everything haulage related since he was little and when we found out about his charity work, we wanted to give him a unique treat.

Alfie has been raising money for the Young Minds Charity by selling ‘Alfie’s Trucking Photos,’ calendars.

A talented photographer too, the calendars were his idea and feature photos he’s taken himself of trucks up and down the country.

To say:  ‘thank you,’ for all of his hard work Alfie and his family were given a behind the scenes tour of James Lynch and Sons Transport. He got to see our new trucks and sit in them, talk to our staff and drivers as well as asking lots of questions.  As the cabs are big enough to socially distance, he was even taken for a ride with Mark, the Fleet Engineer.  Alfie said:  ‘it was the best!’

We also purchased some of his calendars which are now proudly on display ready for 2021 and were so impressed with Alfie and his work that we also donated £500 to the Young Minds Charity.

As a result we received a, ‘thank you,’ from the charity itself.  They said:

“Through turning real-life experiences into positive change for children and young people’s mental health, Young Minds are leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported through life, whatever the challenges, and your donation will provide support for young people and their families across the UK.

 At a time when more children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health, we are here to ensure that they get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties. We support parents to help their children through difficult times, we equip professionals to provide the best possible support to the young people that they work with, and we empower young people to change their world. We couldn’t do any of this without the help of individuals and companies such as yourselves – on behalf of everyone at Young Minds and the children, young people and families we work with, Thank You.”

 In return we wanted to say a huge thank you to Alfie for highlighting this charity’s fantastic work and bringing it to our attention, as well as coming on site to visit us. It was an absolute pleasure to have him with us and we’re certain when he’s old enough he’ll be behind the wheel of a truck, just as soon as he can be! Good luck Alfie and keep up the good work. Come back to see us soon.


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