Tanker Specifications

So, we’re always showcasing our lovely tankers, here on the website and on our socials but how much do you know about them?

We thought we’d share some information, so you can find out more about us and our fabulous fleet.

We have 57 tankers – the majority of which are rubber lined and are dedicated to carrying specific products, particularly class 8 corrosives.

Our team also have 33 black rubber lined tanks dedicated to transporting HCL based substances. They have between 22,500ltrs – 25,000ltrs capacity and have between 41-44T Gross Train Weight (GTW). They are also either manually operated or ground operated tanks.

The James Lynch team also operate 13 GP tankers, with various capacities and GTW’s. They carry a range of different products, but the main ones are Caustic and Sulphuric.

There are also ten white rubber lined tankers dedicated to carrying Sodium hypochlorite. They have between 22,550 and 25,000ltrs capacity, and between 41-44T GTW. These tankers have manual and ground operated options, and all have filters on the discharge outlets.

We have one specially build black rubber lined, top discharge HCL road tanker which has been designed and built to our exact specifications. We believe we are the only tanker operator with this type of barrel in the UK currently and use it specifically for our international work.

Health and safety is our utmost priority and because of the nature of the chemical and substances we transport all our tankers have specific safety features and specifications including:

  • Tri axle road friendly suspension
  • ABS/EBS Systems some consisting of RSP (roll stability programme) as an added feature.
  • Walkways and safety handrails
  • High level loading alarms
  • Vacuum valves and pressure relief valves
  • Brake interlocks to prevent drive away while loading or delivering
  • Loading lids with safety bolt feature
  • Underrun side and rear protection
  • Emergency shut down buttons.
  • Roll over protection.
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