Day in the Life Of A Driver

Have you ever wondered what life’s like on the road for our drivers? Well, we thought we’d give you an insight into just that, thanks to our volunteer Mike Bray.

Mike has been one of our James Lynch drivers for seven months and has been driving lorries for the last six years.

The 33-year-old says he loves it, and we promise, we didn’t tell him to say that!

Over to you Mike….

“I’m new to the chemical industry but not new to lorry driving. I really enjoy it though and love working at James Lynch – the people here are really friendly, and you get to build a great relationship and rapport with customers too.

“Typically, it’s an early start, say 4am or 5am. If the truck’s already loaded up I get straight on the road to deliver to one of our customers, often in Scotland or South Wales. Sometimes though I’ll need to get the load from Runcorn first.

Either way, they’re usually long journeys of around 200 or 300 miles but I really enjoy it. I’ll get my tunes on and other than concentrating on the road, I’ll switch off.

I’m good in my own company and enjoy listening to my music, something like rock or the Stereophonics. You see some beautiful views too especially when you’re on the road in Scotland.

I take a 45-minute break every four and a half hours and try to stop at the motorway services to stretch my legs and grab something to eat.

“Nights away from home see me parked up in a truck stop or the services, where you can get a shower and relax. Most evenings I’ve finished by 8:30pm at the absolute latest, which gives me plenty of time to chill in my cab and watch Netflix on my iPad or catch up on the phone with friends or family.  I’ve got a bed and fridge in the cab too, so I’ve got everything I need really.

“I love the freedom of the road and essentially feeling like my own boss – there’s always support there if you need it but as long the job’s done and deliveries are made, there’s no-one keeping tabs on you. Obviously once the load’s delivered I’ll head back to base ready for the next job and it all starts again.

He added: “I work Monday to Fridays, so most weekends are my own which I spend with my fiancé at our home in Manchester. I must love driving though – as we’ve got a van too that we love to get away in!”

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