In the Driving Seat

In the Driving Seat

Welcome to our new series of interviews called,’ In the Driving Seat,’ aimed at giving us the opportunity to speak to a different member of the James Lynch Team so you can get to know them better.


And up first is our Transport Manager Greg Steele. Here we put Greg under the spotlight to help find out more about him.

Greg from Rode Heath has been with us for ten years now and oversees everything transport related.


Tell us something nobody know about you?

Despite a twenty-year career I’ve never actually driven a truck but shhhhh don’t tell anyone. And for good measure, I haven’t watched a horror film since I was 16. I watched the Nightmare of Elm Street films with Freddie Kruger back then and it put me off for life!


How have you found the various lockdowns?

Work’s been the same for me and as I’m in a care bubble helping my Mum and Dad, I’ve been able to still see them. I’ve really missed seeing my friends though and going to watch my team Crewe Alex. Luckily, I was able to watch a couple of games over Christmas but obviously won’t be able to go again until restrictions are lifted.


What’s working here like?

I love it. I’ve worked in this industry for 20 years and every day brings something different. I’ve got a really good relationship with the drivers and work closely with them so there’s lots of laughs and banter.  I hope they feel they can always come to me if there are any problems.


Will you do anything differently after lockdown has lifted?

I think it’s taught us that you can’t take anything for granted. On Christmas Day my Dad saw his brother for the first time in nine months, because of Covid. It was amazing, emotional and brilliant to see. It just shows that life isn’t about what you buy people, it’s about who you are with. Lockdown has definitely made me realise that.


What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I love travelling to America and have been all over – New York, Niagara Falls, Vegas. I’ve been to Vegas three times now, the first time was on a stag do with 36 mates – it was fantastic and if I had to choose anywhere that’s where I would go again.


Have you got any hopes for the future?

Getting back to some sort of normality would of course be fantastic, being able to go to the match again would be at the top of the list but from a career perspective I’d love to move up the career ladder here and become a director one day.

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