Lynch Tankers brings DGSA audits in-house

As you can imagine when you’re transporting the amount of chemicals our drivers do, health and safety is our biggest priority.

We have to adhere to the most stringent of rules, regulations and conditions because of the very nature of the business we work in.

To ensure we are at the very top of our game, every year a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) audits our business and writes up a report on how we are managing our health and safety and whether there are any areas we need to improve.

In the past we have outsourced the audit to an external business, but as a growing company who takes the safety of our staff and the public extremely seriously, we have brought this in-house.

You may wonder why we took this decision – to us it was simple.

It means that by having an internal DGSA within our team we can oversee and implement any improvements needed on a daily basis rather than tackling issues that have built up over 12 months – which make us even safer.

We are also very lucky as we actually have two experts within our team who have studied hard to pass the exams needed to become DGSA’s – Darren Bailey, our very own Chief Exec and Mark Owen our Fleet Manager.

Thanks to them we’ve got a real belt and braces approach, can support within the wider team and it means we can respond to any potential issues quickly and effectively.

When you’re dealing with such hazardous products on a daily basis, if something goes wrong, a situation can escalate quickly with potentially disastrous consequences. With Darren and Mark’s experience and qualifications, nobody knows our business like they do, and we feel that the health and safety of our company and staff is in the safest pairs of hands.

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