New Addition to the Lynch Fleet

If you’re buying a new family car, you probably do lots of research before you hand over your well-earned cash. Buying new tankers is no different especially when you work within the chemical industry.

It’s a massive investment for us but from a health and safety perspective we have to get it right.

Transporting hazardous substances and chemicals is complex and means you can’t afford to take any risks. This means the tankers we use have to meet our very exacting requirements.

We wanted to expand our fleet and needed to ensure that the tankers we purchased met those specifications.

An ‘off the shelf’ tanker wouldn’t cut it because of the kind of hazardous chemicals we carry which means we needed something completely bespoke.

Our team researched exactly what we needed in terms of functionality, industry compliance and safety specifications.

We then approached a specialist manufacture to help us determine the feasibility and precise design requirements so we could get our customised tankers made.

After several months of planning and discussions, working with the manufacturer, we brought in a highly experienced sub-contractor called Crossland Tankers to help us get our plans on the road, metaphorically and physically!

It was a long iterative design process involving various design revisions, specialist materials, and lots of testing to ensure every requirement we had was met and that we were meeting the BEIS guidelines.

After several months of detailed research, a long design process and both robust and rigorous testing we took ownership of two brand new tankers. They have been completely customised to meet the complex requirements our business has because of the nature of the chemicals we transport.

They’re now being used on a daily basis, our drivers love them and we are absolutely delighted to have them as part of the James Lynch & Sons Team.

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