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“Reading the road, identifying and responding to hazards, driving with responsibility, care, consideration and always being courteous to other road users.”

That’s what makes for a safe HGV driver, according to Ian Parker.

We’ve spoken to Ian, our Driver Trainer, as part of Road Safety Week which is taking place this week.

Ian’s worked with us for eight years but started his new role as driver trainer last month.

He’s introduced a full induction and driving training programme for all our new drivers which includes a week’s training and ensuring they’re all up to speed with everything that’s expected of them from both a safety and compliance perspective.

Ian who’s also undergone an in-cab drivers assessment instructors’ course as part of his role says all drivers will have an annual assessment as part of their driver safety programme.

He said: “I’ve put a full driver training package together which is really comprehensive. Safety is absolutely paramount for us as a company especially as our drivers are working with chemicals on a daily basis.

All new drivers will undergo a full induction programme and every driver will have an assessment on an annual basis. As part of my role, I have to ensure our drivers gain their safety qualifications, that all paperwork is completed and that all our new drivers understand the safety systems of each premises they visit.”

Ian added: “I’m a qualified HGV driver myself so I know how important safety is for a driver, for the companies we work with and the public. My role is all about ensuring as a company we’re meeting all the safety regulations we should be, and we go above and beyond to keep people safe both on and off the road.”

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