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Method statement to access tanker: Proceed up the gantry facing inwards and onto the top platform, using handrails and foot plates provided. Turn and face the trailer ladder there will be two steps needed on the ladder to access the walkway of the tanker. Use three points of contact at all times and proceed up the ladder there will be a grab handle in front of you and handrail pillars at your sides to assist. Once you have gained access to the walkway you will be able to turn left to walk towards the front of the tanker. You will be protected from falling by handrail to your left side and the roll over protection bar to your right and a chain at the front to prevent you walking off the end of the walkway. Once you are level with the box around the valves you will see the failed area on the tanker, do not enter the box area as the hole where the lid sits is quite large. If you wish to secure yourself with a harness at this point you can, but the risk off falling is small . Once you have finished your assessment you can return to the ladder on the tanker and decent keeping three points of contact onto the platform below. Then decend the steps facing inwards at all times and using the handrails and steps provided.

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